Property Sourcing selling & Letting

P- Management

Property sourcing/ selling or letting can prove to be a more complex task than simply passing a baton, negotiating sales or charging a fee. There are certain legal obligations to abide by and it will need a professional approach to turn this activity into a profitable and more reliable stream of income.

Our expert teams are TPO (The property Ombudsman) registered and abide by its code of practice.Our expertise also lies in dealing with other matters like public liability insurance and client contracts,  all of which are a big part of property sourcing, selling and letting.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide the most efficient way to purchase the best property, whether you’re looking to expand your investment, portfolio or simply buying a family home, we make it our priority to purchase the most suitable property for you whilst avoiding any conflicts of interest.
  • We offer impartial, independent and unbiased advice regarding where what and why to buy based on your own requirements.
  • We can apply our refinancing strategy to help ensure you retain your initial investment.
  • We offer further support in property management and letting services, and cover all areas of investment, including overseeing purchases, lettings, refurbishment and property management.


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