High yield

High Yielding investment properties

Our professional teams are very profit drive when it comes to our client’s investments. When you use our property sourcing service we give you access to investment properties, with higher than normal yields.We acknowledge that the property market can be potentially complex and time consuming, so at DMC we can help you navigate through  all the pitfalls of property investment.

Why Choose our Services?

Making a right investment: We know just the right question to ask when helping you make a property investment. There are several important factors to consider which our professional team will investigate on your behalf, some examples are :

  • Popularity of the area and if the demand is set to increase in the future
  • Research proximity to all transport links/amenities/schools etc.
  • Evaluate if the property will be easily maintained throughout your investment.
  • Help sourcing the right tenants,  be they professionals or students.
  • We can advise in regards to, acquiring the  right insurances that will protect your property and handle tax return processes with Inland Revenue.