Our mission at DMC is to apply our expertise in planning, design and construction to create exemplary spaces, buildings and landscapes. We hope to establish this through collaborative, creative and professional project leadership.

Our services within the design/ planning & constructions includes:-

Existing conditions surveys, Exterior Renovations and repairs:

Our construction team’s work with facilities maintenance professional who will access the current conditions of your property.

They will identify and prioritise area of need, initiate and manage the necessary work to restore your spaces. This usually includes, but is not limited to, renovations required to make spaces accessible, replacement of equipment that has reached the end of its productive life, and major building repairs or alterations.

New Constructions:

 Our team are well equipped to deal with all matters involving Design & Construction, from offering initial architectural programming, feasibility studies, budget determination, planning studies, and existing condition surveys, through building design, construction, occupancy & post occupancy.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients see their visions become a reality, and strive to develop business relationships that are based on service, respect, trust and honesty.